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Clay pot is called Ikòkò in Yorubaland, and it’s our ancestors’ best cookware in the olden days. Traditionally, Ekòkò is hand made. They are very sturdy and have a thermo-shock resistance quality which makes them suitable for all use.

The ancient way of cooking was more focused on retaining the health benefits of the food as opposed to the modern style of cooking which is dependent on our taste buds.
To help our society with the means to retain food nutrients during cooking, we launched a complete range of Earthen cookwares. Ekòkò.ng is committed to preserving nature, and helping us lead a healthier life with its eco-friendly pots made of river clay.
Most of the aluminium and non-stick pots we use daily have been proven to cause many diseases. So we did our research, and that intensive research gave birth to Ekòkò.ng.
Grow beyond the fetish ideas and choose clay pots to cook your food, so that you can live richer just like your ancestors.

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