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Clay Pot for Cooking Nigeria

Ekòkò earthen pot ensures equal heat distribution than regular pots

Unlike regular pots that can leave cold spots while cooking, Ekòkò’s round design distributes heat equally. This saves you time and helps you save money on gas.


Ekòkò retains heat, adds essential nutrients & neutralizes food PH.

Since Ekòkò is alkaline in nature, it cancels the effects of acidic food by neutralizing its PH, adds more natural nutrients to your food and retains heat longer.


Clay pots cause zero health issues, unlike regular aluminium pots.

You’re not just cooking your food in pots, but also your health. Ekòkò is perfect for both children & adults with its toxin-free surface that leaves no residue in your food.

100% Non-toxic, Healthy & Organic Clay Pots | Made in Naija

Everything old is new again when it comes to cooking in natural clay pots! For a variety of reasons, it is the healthiest way to cook your meals. When we started our research, we tried out a variety of cookware made from popular raw materials like stainless, aluminum, copper, ceramics and cast iron… but none of them could guarantee the healthy cooking surface we wanted, because they were all made with toxic metal ores and oxides. 

In the same manner, we tested pots made out of clay too, and this was when we discovered that most of the “clay pots” available in the market weren’t completely devoid of pollutants either (compare Ekòkò to other clay pots). It was with this goal in mind that we set out to find the best river clay (it is the most non-reactive material). 

It should be collected from 25 to 30 feet below the surface soil and tested for purity. Instead of relying on harmful paints and chemicals commonly found in today’s manufacturing processes, we took a completely different approach. All of our cookware are handmade using only natural elements, such as earth, water, air, and heat.

Just like that, Ekòkò.ng was born!

Ekòkò is free of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals, as well as any chemical or “unnatural” additions. Aside from deep frying, they can be used on any type of cooking surface (gas or electric) and for any type of recipe.

Making our pots by hand enabled us to add a number of characteristics that provide unique advantages for healthy cooking. Because of its high quality and long-lasting design, our pots come with a generous warranty.

You are what you eat. In addition to it affecting your immune system and your genetic expression (epigenetics), your food has a direct impact on every cell in your body. Two factors determine the richness and quality of the food you eat—the ingredients you use, but most importantly, the pot you use to cook.

With our new cookware, you’ll be able to prepare your food in a healthy, non-toxic container!

Visit our store or check our product pages to read our customers’ reviews…If you’d prefer to know more about how Ekòkò can improve your diet, health, and overall well-being, you should read this post.


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